Daddy kink (scomiche)

Daddy kink (scomiche)

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Christmasbb By Christmasbb Updated Jun 30, 2016

What if Mitch realises his love of spongebob and rilakkuma reveal a whole other childish side he never knew he had? What if Scott, his best friend, finds out about this new side of Mitch? Will he accept it? 

(NSFW, smut, daddy/little, bdsm)

Inspired by text me daddy by weallloose, daddy&little moments by purplechick-scomiche, little but big by mitchsfiance, the doctor's series by deanneadams, and you won't believe what my roommate did to me (scomiche AU) by nicolefromtumblr

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If I don’t, I feel really weird or uncomfortable. I don’t like watching scary movies alone
Wait shït, I relate to this a little too much. I’m not kidding or exaggerating, I understand it down to the tantrums and need to have someone else take control
Yes. I was reluctant to give up dolls at 15 and still have urges to play with them. I also want to watch cartoons and do my hair in pigtails. I’ve been told I’m way too childish by some and I need to grow up
i have both an entire shelf and an old laundry hamper filled to the brim. i am never getting rid of them
actually no, everyone comes to me to be hugged. i've been told i give good hugs
Actually that's not entirely true. I can assure you that the majority of short guys have a "bigger one" than a taller guy