The Targaryen Queen

The Targaryen Queen

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flyiguana By flyiguana Updated Jun 04

Rhaenera Targaryen ,Daughter of the Mad King. Wife to Rhaegar Targaryen and Brandon Stark. 
Aunt to the Stark chlidren.

After the raid in Kingslanding she was taken captive at by the usurper,Robert Baratheon while pregnant with Rhaegar's child.
Now she is at Winterfell with the usurper King and his family.

Will she live or die in the Game of Thrones? 
Read the story of her past and present.

Niyba1 Niyba1 Jun 11
Bilbo: Mrs Targaryen, how nice to see you. Welcome welcome. Are all these children yours? 
                              Rhaenera: Yeah. 
                              Bilbo: Good gracious, you have been productive.
That would mean she was born when her mom was nine, she wouldn't have had her period yet, I don't think she could have had a child, not trying to seem rude