Kill Me Now

Kill Me Now

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Willow By AnnaMLKoski Completed

Meet Sasha Wimbleton.
Your perfectly average twenty-four year old girl. 
Who was, quite unfortunately, kidnapped by a werewolf.
Not just any werewolf! She was kidnapped by Damien Black, the ALPHA of the Blood Moon pack!
Now Sasha has been thrust (heh, thrust) into the spot light as 'enemies' try and use her to gain advantage over the 'strongest Alpha in North America'. 
Not JUST enemies, Sasha must deal with a pack of shirtless (deliciously) muscular men, a possessive Alpha, and a crush she has developed on his hunky, hunky Beta.

Follow Sasha's journey into sheer insanity as she tries to cope with (nearly) every cliche that comes her way from the werewolf genre.

Cheers, here's to a slow slip into insanity. I'm sorry, Sasha.

(Absolutely riddled with spelling errors. Fair warning. I wrote this in like a week.)

Annie-Bee Annie-Bee Aug 25, 2016
Note to self: Don't read while trying to get a 2 year old to fall asleep. The uncontrolled laughing is kind of hard to count as soothing... 😂😂😂
NocturnalWolf NocturnalWolf Sep 25, 2016
Oh my god this story is making me tear up with happiness. I'm getting all giggles and rainbows and I can tell that  I'm going to have fun reading it.
blossom495 blossom495 Sep 11, 2016
LOL I have to be honest none of these three guys is (physically) my type. But I still find it funny because I think this story is satire..? I think they're supposed to be the representation of every cliched were-male out there? LMAO 😄😄😄
ComfyBeds123 ComfyBeds123 2 days ago
How has no one commented on this yet?!! Oh my gosh she said he half jizzed when she touched him! That is so true how writers describe it though! 😂😂😂
ok_umm ok_umm Sep 04, 2016
I've been staring at this picture for ten minutes now, my life is going nowhere
Adette39 Adette39 Sep 11, 2016
                              I want one! Or two....