Adrien Agreste- Playboy

Adrien Agreste- Playboy

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the booger of luck By ladybooger Updated Nov 05, 2017


When just in 8th grade, Adrien Agreste got his first girlfriend, besides being a hot model with a great reputation. But after his girlfriend cheats on him with a close friend, that good reputation turns into one known for breaking hearts.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng moved to Paris- and she's going to Miracle Highschool- Home of the Miraculous Holders. This also happens to be the same school Adrien goes to. She makes a few friends and fiends, but nothing can prepare her for what's coming next.

When Adrien first lays eyes on Marinette, the first thing that rushes through his head is 'beautiful'. He wants her, yet she doesn't want him. Not at first, anyways.

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YourPurrincess YourPurrincess Nov 15, 2017
Wait.. wait what? How can he fell in love with such a bi*ch like Chloe? HE DONT DESERVE THAT BI*CH!
2003Anouk 2003Anouk Nov 20, 2017
Euh are you okay Adrien? Are you okay and your head? I mean you chose cloe. ..!!!???
hankookie10 hankookie10 Dec 21, 2017
I thought jungkook was a playboy holy crap adrien is taking over
Hamitrash0906 Hamitrash0906 Aug 13, 2017
WAIT, He fell in love with the hoe that has the personality of a lemon. And thats offending to lemons.
LightingTheNight16 LightingTheNight16 Jul 30, 2017
That was a little harsh Adrien. You don't hit girls. But whatever floats ya boat.
LadybugWannabie LadybugWannabie Dec 20, 2017