They Call Me Dark (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction)

They Call Me Dark (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction)

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King By _YSoSirius Updated Nov 24, 2017


The one thing I will never accept.

A single touch from me and all light would disappear.

My past is one of solitude and hate. Light has no place in my world and never will.

Whatever humanity I had died the second those evil b*st*rds did as well.

What was it they call me?



Ah...I remember...

They call me dark.

A/N: All rights belong to the creators of Diabolik Lovers and I do not own any of the characters except for my OC's. Also, this fanfic is a continuation of another fanfic which I have gotten permission to do so. Original story is written by 3_scar_3.

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unicerns1345 unicerns1345 Jul 23, 2017
What is so wrong with your blood type being AB? Does it mean abnormal?
theawesomejett theawesomejett Jul 31, 2017
Lol, every fanfic has a female good at music and c cup or so glad that the main is tall this time!! Tall people represent! 👌👌😄😃
xXAlyssa_SillyXx xXAlyssa_SillyXx Jul 14, 2017
Me: My favorite bands are Black veil brides and BTS!
                              Other personality: no one asked you!
                              Me:s-sorry *eyes start to water*
GaleLoveFoLife GaleLoveFoLife Jul 03, 2017
Twenty Onw Pilots and Imagine Dragons are mah fav 😁😁😁
AnimeLover-4life AnimeLover-4life Dec 25, 2017
People are like I'm size ____
                              And I'm just like , I don't even know what size I am .