Let's Play A Game (Youtuber Special)

Let's Play A Game (Youtuber Special)

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[Book 1]

What would you do if you were suddenly trapped inside a game that you all intended to play for fun with a couple of your friends? That's what this group of friends are about to find out when their nightmares turn into reality. 

Youtubers who are in this story:
Jacksepticeye- Jack
Markiplier- Mark
Muyskerm- Bob
LordMinion777- Wade
Yamimash- Yami
Pewdiepie- Felix
Cinnamontoastken- Ken
DanIsNotOnFire- Dan

And there may be more in the story that I do not list.

Let's Play A Game Series

Let's Play A Game- Book 1
Game Over- Book 2
With Eyes Set To Kill- Book 3

I'm guessing the plot is going to be similar to that of Sword Art Online? If so, awesome!
MackSauce MackSauce Jan 09
Thats so me and my best friend we literally hug every time we see each  other and thats like 6 times a day!
I already have a question lol, I ask a lot of questions. Does this story involve a character (OC) or is it strictly real youtubers?
Someone's going to die tomorrow~~~~😨😨😨😨😏😏😏😏
Mark is a manly man who manly mans while being a manly man who manly mans
Mo3lizabeth Mo3lizabeth 5 days ago
I'm re-reading this book series for like the 100th time XD It's such a good book series and I love re-reading it while waiting for more! Definitely one of my favorites on wattpad!