Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon

Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon

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Percy Jackson's first trip to America was one to be remembered, His father the great and powerful dark lord had to go on a negotiation trip to New York city and had taken him along. 

But Percy knew it was more then that. The way his father keeps stealing glances at him, like he had figured out a big secret and didn't know what to make of it.  

And something felt... different, the magic in the area felt so intense, the air practically crackled with power. Well.. that and the odd lightning strikes and storms. 

And he was sure someone was stalking him. 


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iHatePertemis iHatePertemis Apr 05, 2017
I'm crying I'm si happy that there is a sequel. Ine of the best crossovers I've read so far.
iloveart411 iloveart411 Mar 28, 2017
Does he have a British accent or an American accent? I'm hoping for the british
darkarchangel2 darkarchangel2 3 days ago
I've already read this but I'm rereading this again because I loved it so much :3 ur an amazing author
Sparrow-_-2020 Sparrow-_-2020 Apr 13, 2017
Oh! Did you mean antics? I read over this in the last story and thought that auto correct was being it's mean self again lol. We all know how that is!
tigergirl942 tigergirl942 Jun 01, 2017
They have a condo. 
                              In New York? 
                              Percy said he had never been outside of Europe. 
                              Voldy, how many houses do you need?
                              Is it just there?
                              Have you actually lived in it?
                              HAVE YOU EVEN LEFT EUROPE VOLDY?
                              I mean.
whwtusrname whwtusrname Aug 15, 2017
But does this mean hes going to meet Annabeth?
                              sorry, ima Percabeth fanatic :3
                              also i want spoilers.