The Hidden Path (WINNER OF THE BEAUTY AWARD for Spiritual)

The Hidden Path (WINNER OF THE BEAUTY AWARD for Spiritual)

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This is a book for the open-minded only!

If you feel that you already know all about the mysteries of our existence, your view of life is set and you would like to keep it this way, then this book is not meant for you. Don't bother reading it, you will only get upset.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who have always felt that there is more to being human than what meets the eye, one of those who have always been intrigued by new ideas or discoveries, then go ahead. Read the book.

You might find some tidbits to inspire you or simply make you ponder.

Know that the following story is a true one. It is the story of my life and how I came to live in a way very unlike almost everybody else.

My path has led me through every day and unusual experiences. Through darkness and light. Therefore, please don't judge my actions or thoughts until you find out how they were to form and shape me in the end. How everything I experienced was nothing but a stepping-stone towards a greater goal and necessary for me in order to learn what I had to.

Having digested all of this, if you are still interested in reading my story, then I am more than happy to offer it to you.

Enjoy and take from it what you need for your own personal growth and development.

With love and joy,

The author.

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lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Sep 28, 2017
Was just having a look to see if there were any developments and noticed this has 9.5 k reads. Heavens, there must be a way of lifthing this over the threshold. Hm. competitions?
Kristiekc Kristiekc Jun 04, 2016
I was wondering were you going to continue your whole journey on this book? Courageous, having said that it's an interesting one because of your outlook on things as much as anything else.
ShaunEyles ShaunEyles Dec 20, 2016
This is going to push me into reading something I don't normally read, which is a good thing. I'm always up to read something different.
                              I've been doing similar for the last two years or so, and now appreciate many genres I wouldn't have before.
Scarletletterheart Scarletletterheart Sep 15, 2016
Great intro here, definitely pulls in the reader. I must say I have not read anything like this before.
sumangali sumangali Apr 25, 2016
Congratulations on the launch of the Hidden Path! Can't wait to read...
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Apr 24, 2016
Hi there! I noticed @Bashini's shoutout so I thought I float across!