The Bad girl is a Church girl

The Bad girl is a Church girl

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jessica jackson By _jesselle_ Updated Aug 05, 2016

The Bad girl is:
- A major pain in the ass.
- A Church girl. (Mind you still trying to get over that one.)
- A showgirl.
- The devil; reincarnated.
- But she's also my angel; all because of one stupid deal.

Colton Sanders is the geek; plain and simple. The guy that everyone ignores and the boy that likes it that way. So what happens when he sees the school's Bad girl Lilani Smithers in a white dress in front of a Church? 

Easy. He blackmails her.

Lilani Smithers hates Colton and he's asking for one thing only; to help him get the girl he's been in love with since year five. 

So what happens when a Geek and a Bad girl mix? 

Well . . . there's the parties, the late night outs, the make-overs and the terrible lessons . . . as well as sheer loathing. 

God save Colton!

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thara131 thara131 May 18, 2016
Yooo psych Hierarchy of needs, my teacher would be some proud
Ride_or_Die123 Ride_or_Die123 Mar 28, 2015
how is the skool's bad girl nd the skool's beauty queen best friends
alittlebitwild alittlebitwild Sep 09, 2014
I haven't even started reading the first chapter and I already love this book!!!!
Plain-and-Simple Plain-and-Simple Jul 23, 2014
I would notice you! I know for a fact I would! Geeks are like nerds thy are adorable! You would be my best friend and I would be doing YOUR homework as long as it wasn't long division and trig
MiNsHi MiNsHi Oct 17, 2013
LOL, I love Lani's attitude. It's the first time there's a legit "bad girl".  :D And Colton's cute! ^^
Pinktvco Pinktvco Sep 11, 2013
This is good....but I still don't understand why a "bad girl" wouldn't go to church, no matter her title in school.