Monster (#Wattys2016)

Monster (#Wattys2016)

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aeipathetic By amaranternal Updated Nov 20

This story is about two people who find the beauty in their heads destroyed by the demons and monsters that lurk in the darkness of their thoughts.

A story in which a girl learns that the monster under her bed, was living inside her head, for the voice would never leave. A story in which a boy learns that the monster was a part of him, and could never get rid of it, for it lived inside of him. 

In which the two, with crossed paths, find out that it is impossible to dodge the bullet, when you're holding the gun. 

The fragile balance of destiny becomes chaotic as fate plays a dangerous game that could end in a prowling nightmare, or a beautiful dream. 

Warning : Includes self-harm and mild profanity. Still undergoing major editing and revising. 

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All rights reserved.

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Love your prolonge gave a good insight of what your book will be about
unoriginal_life unoriginal_life 3 days ago
No. I was that child who knew Santa, the tooth fairy, and monsters weren't real at 5 years old. Kinda sad actually