Saved By A Killjoy (Party Poison x Reader)

Saved By A Killjoy (Party Poison x Reader)

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EmoBoycutFemale By Awkward_Holli Updated Oct 13

 I ran through the deserted wasteland, coughing up the bill the Dracs forced down my throat, i needed to be free. I looked around to just see dust, but also a bit of smoke. I winced my eyes as a BL/ind. van come speeding towards my way, fuck.

-Flash Back To 2 Years Ago-

"Y/N!!" I heard my dad yell while I was sitting in my room, listening to my favorite band 'My Chemical Romance'. I heard my dad walk up the stairs until I heard some male screaming. I got up from my chair and ran for the stairs to see my dad with a gun shot in his head. I gasped and heard streams of warm water go down my face, then I saw the Dracs.

"Fuck..." I whispered before jumping from my 2nd story window, it hurt when I fell but I didn't break anything. I ran towards Battery City to only see nothing but smoke and death. Fears shivered through my body as I started running, 

-End Of Flash Back-

I froze up, I had a deadly fear of them, they killed everyone I knew, since they didn't take the pill that faked our mo...

Well that would be soldier cause in a story I wrote on here I have a character named Forgotten
Oh wow I thought I was better than this I mean if I can shank people on call of duty why not here
Black and black really party? Really? Just gonna keep my hair that I have now. Which is Gerard way red and black undercut I honestly look like Gerard