And That's When I Knew - [Newtmas AU]

And That's When I Knew - [Newtmas AU]

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— Kara — By bookara Completed

The world is black and white until you touch your soulmate; then color explodes before your eyes
{written from a prompt}

Newt has yet to find his soulmate. He acts like he doesn't care to the public but he truly longs to see the beautiful colors that Minho tells him about. Even more he longs for someone to love and someone to love him.

Thomas is alone but unsearching. He doesn't mind the calm black and white of the world. It would be nice to have someone like his best friend Teresa but the world works in mysterious ways.

IdeaBooks IdeaBooks Oct 24, 2016
                              SHAKE HANDS
                              TOUCH SKIIIINNNNNN
TheNewtmasfeels TheNewtmasfeels Dec 24, 2016
I wish I were there to push their heads together or let them shake hands at least..
AMillionYearsAgo AMillionYearsAgo Sep 10, 2016
"Wait you said the first round is on you does that also include food?"
                              thomas XDXD