Chubby Kink

Chubby Kink

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mcrismyfreard2 By mcrismyfreard2 Updated Oct 18

We all love chubby Gerard Way, don't we? We love to hear about Frank Iero pounding him in the ass, don't we? ;-)

This will be filled with Daddy Kinks, Pain Kinks, and Cross Dressing. Get ready for Gerard in thigh highs and Frank dominating him.

I made this for myself at first, but decided to share it, because why not?

(I don't have any kinks, I just enjoy reading and writing them.)

This is great I can't wait to start reading this aloud next time I want someone to shut up (I realy do this)
why did I add this to my library. Why am I reading frerard again. This is a new low for me.
I hate myself for loving this already. I'm only here for the spongbob references
AuthorZero AuthorZero Jul 06
Frank please this is why we have the option to erase our history