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I Owe You || Ciel x Reader || Sequel to Debt

I Owe You || Ciel x Reader || Sequel to Debt

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Whoops By Creative__Writing Updated Mar 19

After waking up from a coma, (Y/N) found out the past however long with Phantomhive, Finny, Alois, Mey-Rin, Bard and Sebastian was all a dream! She'll have to adjust to living like a normal 2016 teenager and figure out how everyone knows each other, and what was and what wasn't a dream.

*This is kind of an AU, I don't plan on Sebastian being a demon, or either of them being from Victorian Era*
*Reader is eighteen now, although everything written will be PG-13*
*Grell will be referred to with female pronouns*
*Reader is female, sorry guys!*
*This is a sequel to Debt, I'm assuming for it to make sense you'll have to read Debt, sorry!*

I know cousin dating was okay-back-in-the-day but it's the 21st century so.... no.
I'm pretty sure these comments are gonna be about the Ciel X Alois thing.
                              *After looking through the comments*
                              I'm physic.
zee_photography zee_photography Dec 03, 2016
I like how everyone is like 'Ciel x Alois?' and I'm sitting her like "wait Ciel x Lizzie? But aren't they cousins?"
Fartmaster360 Fartmaster360 Dec 26, 2016
I'm starting to question if everything is possible in fandoms considering that no one ships alois x elizabeth
Me when my friends say Anime is for kids (And I also casually show them a few pictures of Kaneki and Yuno.)
Yaoi just went from ereri to cielois like 100%-200% awesome. I like both Yaoi ships