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I Owe You || Ciel x Reader || Sequel to Debt

I Owe You || Ciel x Reader || Sequel to Debt

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Ice By Creative__Writing Updated Mar 19

After waking up from a coma, (Y/N) found out the past however long with Phantomhive, Finny, Alois, Mey-Rin, Bard and Sebastian was all a dream! She'll have to adjust to living like a normal 2016 teenager and figure out how everyone knows each other, and what was and what wasn't a dream.

*This is kind of an AU, I don't plan on Sebastian being a demon, or either of them being from Victorian Era*
*Reader is eighteen now, although everything written will be PG-13*
*Grell will be referred to with female pronouns*
*Reader is female, sorry guys!*
*This is a sequel to Debt, I'm assuming for it to make sense you'll have to read Debt, sorry!*

Nova-Galaxy Nova-Galaxy Apr 13
Are you just using Hetalia? There are plenty of insults like wanker, bastard and other things like that.
I'm a womb nugget. You're a womb nugget. We're all womb nuggets. Except you @TWDLau_lau_ren  ya freakin alien idek where tf you crawled outta
Weezy you don't want to know. Unless you want to read 19 chapters then by all means do!
gdheggem gdheggem Apr 02
You know what would be funny if this is all a dream that she's having after being shot in black butler world and she imagined having a dream the first time.
                              Doesn't make since? No? Okay, I'll see myself out.
I know cousin dating was okay-back-in-the-day but it's the 21st century so.... no.
What so it's different in every country, yeah, but do they all have a nine at the beginning?
                              USA:             911   
                              ENGLAND: 999