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Star of Desire~ Attack On Titan Teacher Levi x Student Eren⎢Riren

Star of Desire~ Attack On Titan Teacher Levi x Student Eren⎢Riren

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Moonlight_Cloud By Enchanting_Moonlight Updated Nov 10, 2016

1. Eren's point of view written by: Moonlight_Cloud
2. Levi's point of view written by: @kawaii_otaku7
Eren Jaeger and his friends are known for being wild things in his high school, Maria High. They take risks, break rules, and have fun while doing so. To others, they appear as normal teenage rebels, all at the age of sixteen.
But during one faithful night of clubbing, a Ravenette caught the Brunette's ocean eyes. This led to Eren saying one simple pickup line and the Ravenette was his for the night, and it soon turned into something commonly known as a one night stand.
But poor little Eren didn't know that this Ravenette was going to be his new french teacher the next day, the french teacher known as Mr. Ackerman.
When they see each other, time freezes, and at the end of the day the two come to a agreement. For the rest of the school year they pretend nothing happens.
Eren treats Mr. Ackerman like how he would with all his teachers. Mr. Ackerman treats Eren like how he would with all his normal bratty students.
This little agreement between the two lasted perfectly for six months, but it soon backfired when Mr. Ackerman's feelings begin to bloom for the rebellious bratty Brunette during the rest of the school year. 
Dear Readers,
This story is based off a roleplay I'm in with a friend of mine, her username is: @kawaii_otaku7.
Trigger Warnings: There will be cussing, self-harm, use of drugs, sexual content, and abuse in this story.
None of the characters/images/songs in this story belong to me, only the plot belongs to @kawaii_otaku7 and I. 

That's it, and I hope you enjoy the story.
Loved, Scarlett~

Muesli1 Muesli1 5 days ago
Muesli1 Muesli1 5 days ago
I had to take French as a cursus, because I didn't ant a second science. I was going to drop it and learned according to that assumption. I  a m  f u c k e d
anime_4_life1019 anime_4_life1019 Oct 30, 2016
Jeans? Hahaha. How about your pair of Levi's jeans. No? Ok. I'm sorry
MuneCode MuneCode 6 days ago
I shriveled up when I read that I literally shriveled a prune
AlfredFreedom_Jones AlfredFreedom_Jones Oct 19, 2016
Actually a lot of places in America have the age consent of 16
MarieVanBelleghem MarieVanBelleghem Dec 21, 2016
I wish this was me but lol I actually need french in life and it sucks