Rooming with Cassanova (Mature and needs some major editing) Title just changed

Rooming with Cassanova (Mature and needs some major editing) Title just changed

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Mariah Sinclair By MariahSinclair101 Updated Nov 05

His hard sword pierced just above my navel so stiff and erect it had to hurt. I reached down taking it in my hand gently stroking back and forth. I could feel Ian's body jump just a tad startled by my actions when my fingers first touched his pulsing vein.

"That feels nice, it'll feel nicer once it's inside you," Ian moaned welcoming my pumping fist.

"Inside where? The wet lips between my legs or the wet lips on my face curious to your taste?" I seductively purred putting him in a state of shock. I couldn't see him but I could feel his eyes bulge into saucers taken back by my bold words. The outspoken dirty girl I had contained was now unleashed and there was nothing holding her back.

When Cooper Monroe's not so nice roommate accuses her of trying to steal her boyfriend and kicks her out Cooper is left with nowhere to go. Overhearing the fight, Ian Donovan the attractive neighbor in the apartment next door decides to take Cooper in. Ian being the buildings Casanova with a track record that would put Romeo to shame. With haunting nightmares, a traumatic past, and painful secrets can Cooper finally let someone back in when Ian starts to realize there is more to women than just sex or will her past keep her from letting Ian save her from herself and learn how to trust again?

AN This book starts out slow when it comes to the hot scenes so please be patient and please don't forget to vote and comment. Wattpad has restricted chapter 10 so you do have to follow me to read which yes, that's when things began to heat up.

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