Temptation || Dean

Temptation || Dean

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노을 By galaxyexokai Updated Nov 20

Dean a faithful man and a wonderful father to his 2 kids

Dani a young girl looking for a job to make extra money

When the 2 meet, an unusual feeling strikes Dean. He's never felt this way about his wife but why all of a sudden with the young girl before him? 


"W-we can't do this" 

"Who said we couldn't?" 

"But what about your kids...."

"Looks like you have to be quiet then" 



This story will have sexual content so if you don't like it, then don't read

Oh messy hair u know what that means he he he he he (creepy laughter)
lanya12 lanya12 Nov 20
Yess.. give you thay death glare. Looking in to you're soul make you memorize being born, But end ya life before birth lil nigga don't play with me lol
lanya12 lanya12 Nov 20
Beat the mama ass and got mad, probably filed report lil betch move lol