I Will Find You My Love

I Will Find You My Love

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Tersiah By StzzMak33 Completed

Lucy finally had the courage to run away from her abusive fiancé. She later runs into a long time friend who volunteered to help and protect her but little do they know, Sting, being the fiancé, has been on desperate search just to get his Lucy back.

(Contains Adult Language, Situations and Contains lemons) 


  • fairytail
  • love
  • mature
  • nalu
  • violence
Sting: "Stop resisting, you will do the splits!"
                              Lucy: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
pinky1cu pinky1cu May 13
@levikyozero I agree with u boys can just go shirtless for all they care
Im reading this in geometry class during a test... In the front seat, closest to the teacher, and with two people right next to me... inconspicuous turtle mode activate?
...wait, you both were wearing the same underwear, and at the same time too? No wonder shes crying...😓
Nickinya Nickinya Aug 02
This is now change to killer stalker only that Lucy is a girl and that Lucy and sting are in a relationship
I love how everyone else thought contraception pills, and my mind went straight to advil... im so smart.😅