5SOS Smut (BoyxBoy)

5SOS Smut (BoyxBoy)

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πόρνη By smu_tty_mashton Updated Feb 09

Gay af smut made by me


kinky, dirty and preeeetty fucking weird

hate is blocked and will be deleted if found

be nice yall, this is one big family and i expect respect

((that rhymed woop woop ))

niamhpurvisisdead niamhpurvisisdead Sep 25, 2016
Sorry if I made you feel bad about your writing!! I love all of it and the bit about arzaylea I was just mad at the person who wrote it sorry:(((
badlandsphil badlandsphil Oct 14, 2016
i feel like if you don't want to write it, then don't. if you feel uncomfortable writing it then don't. just because your fans want you to, doesn't mean you have to. just do what's comfortable for you :)) <3
radshitcal radshitcal Jan 15
but but but what about muke. My poor mUkE hEaRt is crying because of this.
silver_lining_spaces silver_lining_spaces Sep 30, 2016
Oh my gosh it was one comment. Sorry if I offended anyone. I actually like Arzaylea. Not trying to be rude. I won't call out the person who seemed to be offended but you took my words out of context. Sorry
whats_there_to_love_ whats_there_to_love_ Sep 25, 2016
You don't have to do the requests, they're out there so you have prompts whenever you feel like it 😊
babyboyIuke babyboyIuke Sep 25, 2016
you are such a gem i wish there were more writers out there like you