House of Cards ↠ Paul Lahote [1]

House of Cards ↠ Paul Lahote [1]

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❝A house made of cards, the reflection of us, it breaks in the end. You leave me again, please stay.❞

      Adara Fitzgerald was always a free spirit, you can never contain her. She's lived most of her life happily and with no regrets with the knowledge that when she turns 18 her family will return to take her back home. Many nights were spent with a red solo cup in hand and head throbbing in pain the next morning, but she couldn't find a single care in the world. Nothing weighed her shoulders until the night she lost everything because of one, single mistake.

      While she is waiting for the arrival of her family there are others around her waiting for her to explode. Adara cannot control the power she is, the danger she cannot prevent because of her; and they're all awaiting for a disaster to happen. 

      And a disaster did happen in the form of Paul Lahote.

[ the twilight saga ; eclipse ]
[ book 1 ; amazon series ]
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Readingmaniac2000 Readingmaniac2000 Nov 22, 2016
Bts is my one of my fave groups ever
                              My bias is jimin
                              But yoongi is so adorbs
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The same to me. 21 is where it's at, where you have unlimited possibilities
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GUYS!!!! Better get your orange jumpsuits on!!!!😂😂😂
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Are you serious?! People recorded it? And no one thought to help and not watch?