Here We Stand (book 3).

Here We Stand (book 3).

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Harry and Izzy's first year together has seen them face up to testing their friendship, becoming a couple, a tumultuous break up, broken hearts, press intrusion, more heartbreak and yet more lies, deceit and devastation... yet as their one year anniversary is around the corner, are they able to come round and make it full circle before it's too late? 

*Book 3 in the Harry & Izzy series- please do NOT read unless you've read Lay It All On Me and Weird World first. Thanks!* :)

WARNING: Includes strong, explicit scenes. Please only read if you are comfortable with mature content. Some scenes may affect you, and I am not responsible for the feels or heartache I'm about to put you through. Maybe I am.

All rights reserved to me darlings. No translations or re-posting elsewhere without my consent. xo

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Ohh H*ll to the NO NO. Therr better not be a certain Yacht Trip Involved or so Help me
**stomps over to Twitter, cause WP will surely find this offensive**
If you're trying to do me in this right here has just about done it! Harry crying while they make love OMG 😭
shadow753 shadow753 Jul 02
i'm sort of relieved you didn't describe in detail the dialogue from last night, i was tensing in anticipation of it for like five chapters
Avonalways Avonalways Sep 17
Dayum, this is so cray! I can literally see them talking together in bed and being so torn. My chest, the feels!!!!
NoaSagiv NoaSagiv Sep 27
Don't know about you, but I seriously still can't get over the thing he said to her last chapter.. :(