Wolfshadow (Otherside #3)

Wolfshadow (Otherside #3)

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Kodilynn Calhoun By KodilynnCalhoun Updated Apr 24, 2016

All Korr Blackthorn's ever really wanted was peace. The only son of Kanzi and the heir to the Rashti throne, he's been prepped for war since he was a boy, told tales of the evils of Altehrei and their crazy half-blooded Alpha who wants them dead. But some things just don't add up. If Silverwind truly wanted the Rashti to fall, why wait until their prince was old enough to take his place as the rightful king? Why not cut them down when they were weak and defenseless? It just doesn't make sense to him. All he knows is this: He doesn't want to go to war.

Meanwhile, night after night, a sorrowful voice calls to him in his dreams while a wolf made of shadows dances through his mind. It's just a dream, but if it's just a dream, why does her voice sing to his very soul? When he finds himself face to face with the beautiful she-wolf, he realizes that she's very much real...and she's just like him. She has Hati's Sight and the visions that come with it are ripping her apart, little by little. She's beautiful and broken and he knows he's the only one who can save her. Save her from a life of panic and torment.

Because Korr learned how to control his visions long ago. They are a gift, not a curse. Hati's Sight is not his downfall and he's suddenly determined that they won't be hers, either. She's an enigma, wary and wild and yet he's drawn to the nameless girl like a moth to a flame. He wants to know her.

But there are darker things brewing in Rashti lands and Korr begins to wonder if his dreams of peace are just wishful thinking.

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Deadeyer Deadeyer Oct 05
Hey Siri! "Siri not available, please connect to the internet."
Staybae11 Staybae11 Jun 13, 2016
It's Kia's daughter! I know it. Not really but I believe it!
Jackthepumpkinking Jackthepumpkinking Jun 17, 2016
Welp,  just as i hoped. I think i know who this mystery wolf is. C:
OliviaHosack OliviaHosack Nov 28, 2016
Just finished the first two and super excited to read this one