•MCD One-Shotsᵀᴾᴬ

•MCD One-Shotsᵀᴾᴬ

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「fandom   alliance」 By thefandomalliance Updated Jan 08, 2017

This is a book of Minecraft Diaries One Shots made by this collab group, @The_Phoenix_Alliance!


Expect many ships including Garmau, Dancole, Travlyn, Aarmau, Laurmau, Garrance and  many, many others to come!

We all hope you will enjoy reading these One Shots, and don't forget to leave a vote and check out each of the member's books, too!

Love ya! ~The Phoenix Alliance :)

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Huntress_Pheonix Huntress_Pheonix Jun 16, 2017
Friend: *reads first sentence* *chokes on cookie* EWWWWW *cough* WWWW
                              Me: *looks at her confused* what?
itsyaKawaiiPotato itsyaKawaiiPotato Jun 15, 2017
                              LEONA X LIOCHANT
                              LILITH X STICK
                              SHAD X IRENE
                              EDMUND X IRENE
                              GENE X KC (never)
hayleysglitter hayleysglitter Oct 02, 2016
I thought it said "okay let's start with the babies" I was so confused😂😂
shesaidtothesky shesaidtothesky Aug 25, 2016
Love this book AND I was the person who made your dream come true and made the votes 1k!!!
MARY1359 MARY1359 Jul 08, 2016
Oh shizzles...I actually wanted to do training wheels too for a one-shot of Vylante .-. Oh crud,but mine will be in a different style
srynloe srynloe May 03, 2016
I almost screamed when I saw the tittle XD all of Melanie's songs are bae