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Marilyn A Hepburn By MarilynAHepburn Completed

"For one second, I changed the world--and in exchange for that one second of kindness, the world has changed me forever." ~from Marilyn Hepburn's novelette: NACHOS

Her New Year's Eve was supposed to be a depressing evening alone with a bowl of salsa and a plate of microwaved nachos, but a powerful force had different plans for the unconventional princess. If you like sweet romances and hilarious tales of personal growth & self-discovery, then your soul will devour NACHOS.

Weighing in at just under 10,000 words, this novelette will have single & married ladies alike laughing one minute and pondering their own lives the next. It's a story that highlights the magic that exists in our everyday lives and offers hope to those who are struggling to find their Happily Ever After. One bite of NACHOS, and your perception of the world will never be the same--life will become magical. No Fairy Godmother required.

To add even more fun to your reading experience, NACHOS has Easter eggs woven throughout the entire story. Sharp (and not so sharp) eyes will recognize references from:
    *Wizard of Oz
    *Mary Poppins
    *Beauty and the Beast
    *Snow White
    *Harry Potter
    *The Gingerbread Man
    *The Neverending Story
    *Three Blind Mice
    *and more! It's like the Where's Waldo of bedtime stories! 
    Marilyn A Hepburn
    (Note: COVER IMAGE - Rachel Macknight in Interview Magazine November 2015 by Dominick Sheldon)

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mea923 mea923 Mar 20
Ha! That sounds just like my kind of New Year's Eve, if you know what I mean. And of course, I mean a lot of food and Netflix
Yes! Yes! Yes! Realistic example for other girls! I am actually like the other wattpad heroines, skinny, flawless skin, long hair, but it gets annoying only seeing my body type on tv, magazines and everywhere else! I want diversity! It's so refreshing!
Absolutely captivating! You are a true gem! ;) Keep up the good work new idol!
Cinderella dressed in yellow,
                              Went up stairs to kiss her fellow.
                              She made a mistake,
                              Kissed a snake.
                              How many docorts will it take?
                              None because she didn't get bit.
I've found two references by now, I love books with Easter eggs ❤️