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Naruto Fanfic: Boruto X Sarada

Naruto Fanfic: Boruto X Sarada

13.4K Reads 386 Votes 16 Part Story
TheGreenTomboyPowerpuff By SaradaKaoru_1009 Completed

Sarada's Frustration about her jutsus and Love....are driving her sad and angry. Boruto wants to help her out with it and deals with the situation. How will Sarada React to this? BoruSara a bit SasuSaku and NaruHina. 
Rated: +14 & +18.

Sugar_Blossom Sugar_Blossom Jun 16, 2016
WOW! Sasuke-kun is crying!!! *grabs phone and takes picture*
NerdyAnimeUnicorn NerdyAnimeUnicorn Oct 03, 2016
Instinct reminds me of team instinct from Pokemon go punzzzzzz