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BILLDIP IS LIFEEE By Bill_and_Chill Completed

It's been four years ever since weirdmageddon. They may think they've defeated Bill Cipher but once the Pine twins return things get a little weird for Dipper.
   ~ Before you read just know this is a billdip fanfic so if you don't like billdip I suggest you leave now.

Damn bill with human emotions is so cute 🔥w🔥❤️U❤️💛3🖤 ⚠️x🌲
Yes when u are attracted to someone ur body catches on fire and is very flammable
Haha let's hope *pops knuckles* *gets out SOEM soda * *along with Doritos *
                              Let's get comfortable..*gets pillows and sets them up *
Kehbug Kehbug Jan 28
you know, Dipper casually asks Bill - the demon who terrorized him for a whole year and literally JUST broke his arm (albeit he did fix it)- to sleep with him. Seems Legit™.
Well he did burn them but I read journal three and all the journals were restored so it's ok 👌
ambi2006 ambi2006 Jan 29
Yea,like Leo can burn himself or Light himself on FIRRREEEE. OR LIKE KATNISS THE GIRL ON FIREEE. OR YOU ARE PART OF DAUNTLESS.