Scream For Me (Teaser Chapters)

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Kim Fry By KimFry Completed
Formerly 'Scream for Him' - 2012 Watty Award Winner for On The Rise in Horror!!  Jenna Cieres was not a woman to be messed with.  She had a fiery temper, which would one day do her well when she finished law school.  The problem is, her quick wit and personality are just what he is looking for.... NOTE: This book will be published 01/31/15 so only the first three chapters are available; these are the polished, edited chapters. The new cover will be revealed in December, so if you want to join in on the fun, head over to OR for more info and giveaways!
Wow. I'm just blown away by how that phone call gave ME chills. 
                                    Spectacular writing!
Sounds like a sick bastard.  Did his Mommy not hold him enough? Haha 
                                    Very good start.  Seems like I'll enjoy this one.
Oh definitely hooked! Sentence structure and grasp is amazing! Original to the max, I'm loving it ;)
@KimFry I just joined the mystery/thriller club congrats on your big win in 2012 on mysteries am a fan fiction writer and fanbase Michael Jackson just browsing mystery writers I added Scream for Him to my library would love for you to follow me I write mysteries thanx mystery writer
Wow. You're an amazing writer and anyone can tell from reading just this little part
Okay but yer I will give this a try, this chapter didn't disappoint ;)