Clary and Alec Hidden Feelings

Clary and Alec Hidden Feelings

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This story will be unpublished on the 18th November and so will the following sequel. 

" I will never forgive you Jace,Clary is mine and will always be mine.." I growled looking at Jace.
"You don't have too forgive me because she belonged to me first" Jace says smiling, almost laughing at my stressed behavior.

Jace starts pushing Clary away, to keep the truth hidden of who he works for trying to protect everyone.
 Sebastian is still hiding in the shadows.  Can Jace realize he is pushing Clary towards Alec who is always there to understand her?
Will Sesbastion interfere?. 
Where is Valentine? 
What will happen in a love triangle of shadow hunters? ...
When war breaks out is it to late for the shadow hunter world? 
 (Do not own the story it is made by Cassandra Clare I'm going write a fan fiction off Alec and Clary, please no hate I am literary in love with both  Jace and Magnus  just giving it a try, thanks ^^.)

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Noooooo Malec  😲😥 Lel ik this is a clarec fanfic But  MaLeC
In this story, Alec sounds like Chad thinking about Sonny. Cuteeee
Malec is forever I like reading these fanfics but malec is my my number 1 OTP lol
Oh wait I just realized that’s where Jace is going too. lol
Alec...giggling? My, this is almost as scary(but nice) as Snape smiling lol.
I am literally crying😭😭😭😭 why did magnus chose another warlock over alec😭😭😭😭