-Old Friends-    Ink Sans X Reader X Error Sans

-Old Friends- Ink Sans X Reader X Error Sans

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You've fell into a dark hole and met Flowey, you and Flowey acted like enemies and you wanted to be friends. You met Toriel and had to leave, but you hated your life in the surface. You ended up in the snowed woods and heard kids playing, but you were cold as HELL. You rubbed your hand for warmth but it created a (F/C) flame.

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My friend and i are re-reading this and we started laughing from the terrible grammar lmao
Phosec Phosec Nov 29, 2016
                              The place of hope (d3SpaiR) and dreams (niGhTmaR3s) 
                              Truly a great place
MemeQueen413 MemeQueen413 Nov 28, 2016
Also, I'm not even allowed to leave school if I have the flu. The only time people leave if its for a family emergency OR if you are arrested (which actually happens frequently at my school)
inktheartistdude inktheartistdude Aug 25, 2016
...wow, um my OC has a flower eye instead of a 'flame eye'...meh. Your story not mine. Hiciste buen trabajo. Felicitaciones. (You did a good job. Congrats).
WeHAX- WeHAX- Dec 12, 2016
I love this book bc the teacher did something for once instead of being like "CHILD U NOT ALOUD TO LEAVE, WE DONT CARE IF UR BULLIED, JUST GO BACK TO UR DARN HOMEWORK!"
                              Thou my teacher doesn't give us homework ;-;
Mrpig101 Mrpig101 Aug 15, 2016
*Gasp dramatically* OH MY GLOB!!!! THE TEACHER ACTULLY DID SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! I loves this book already