Awkward// Daniel Howell x reader  [unedited]

Awkward// Daniel Howell x reader [unedited]

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rayhowl aka Ray Howell By RayHowl Completed


You're an awkward and shy girl, who's done with school. You don't have many friends. Your parents are not supportive of you, even though they say it's for the best. You decide to move to London. To escape of the bullies from your school, to escape from your parents. But mostly, to live closer to your two favourite Youtubers, Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil. You're dreaming to meet them, but what if you do. Would you run away? Would you talk to them?

This is a fanfiction of Daniel Howell. It's an interactive story, so you'll be in the story, you are the leading role.

Officially entered in #wattys2016

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- - Aug 29, 2017
I guess im still on the floor?? Having a conversation... from the floor?
alishahasnofrens alishahasnofrens Nov 05, 2017
Its a bit rushed but I'm not going to hate because within the next 3 hours I will have read this entire story
DoodlerBob101 DoodlerBob101 Oct 09, 2017
Nah, boo. Everytime my friend offers me a drink from anywhere I'm like
                              "Yeah, could I get a large caramel frappe, make sure there is a cherry on top.
                              I don't CARE if a cherry doesn't go on this frappe, I want a flipping cherry!"
                              Yeeaahh, I'm sort of THAT type of friend..
Mittensisnotonfire Mittensisnotonfire Dec 25, 2017
Time for a nice book that wont take long to rea- **notices 200 parts**
                              well. Better tell my mother i wont see her till 2018
I was just about to vote and then realized that I already did because it’s the 2nd time reading the book
I’ve always loved the name Ray, lol 
                              If I could change my name, it would be Ray