Nothing but the truth Itachi x Sakura (Naruto FanFiction)

Nothing but the truth Itachi x Sakura (Naruto FanFiction)

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Her arms locked around his shoulders before he could even register what she was doing. Burying her face in the crook of his neck, she whispered, 

"I'm so sorry that this happened to you." 

Itachi's eyes widened in shock; no one, not one person ever, had apologized to him. 

No one had ever viewed this as something that had happened to him.

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ModernLannister ModernLannister Apr 12, 2017
No, you won't go to the village for that. Don't lie to yourself.
TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo Aug 11, 2017
Haha Itachi, it's not gonna be problematic for us readers 😂
ModernLannister ModernLannister Apr 12, 2017
That isn't the only sword that will thrust into your body.
                              Sorry, I couldn't hold it.
XXxCRAPxXX XXxCRAPxXX Dec 22, 2017
I have the Naruto ost "loneliness" playing in the background, there's a picture of a dying, smiling Itachi and a crying Sasuke as the cover
CreepyTomatoes CreepyTomatoes Jun 10, 2017
I love your writing. This story (so far) is like fluff, but not fluff at the same time.
tambett tambett Apr 12, 2017
You know, there are writers who has millions of comments under a single chapter. And there are others who got only a fistful. Not because it is not well-written, the truth is - you cannot stop reading. This story - for me - is the latter one. I'm honestly scared about my beauty sleep tonight. 😂