stuff n' thangs ▷ rants

stuff n' thangs ▷ rants

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in which I pour out my 
thoughts and angry emotions
in a book. 

[ contains cruel language ]

Marvel890 Marvel890 Aug 05
That's true. I bet they're gonna find out before the premiere airs which was one of the many reasons why I was confused (and pissed) why they chose to leave us on that cliffhanger
europes europes Oct 15
they recorded everyone who was in line getting lucilled so that if some fans did find out, there'd be more than one person that it happened to, I think.
marygbright marygbright Aug 17
I don't trust Enid. Not. One. Bit.
                              (Lowkey, it's probably bc im jealous she gets to be around the cast)
'Kay, i have to say that i'd wolud choose Hershell, because he was a doctor and he'd safe Carl, (i did cried when Beth cried but i think that she's useless (? C'mon! She can barely shot a gun while could Carl!); i would choose Shane too. Plz don't be mean wirh me, just saying
europes europes Oct 15
so like if anyone did see, they did it to the rest of the cast members so that no one knows
marygbright marygbright Aug 17
Every Sunday I wake up excited about TWD, then I realize it's not October