Muted Voices

Muted Voices

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YouSnarkyPrick By YouSnarkyPrick Updated Sep 04, 2016

It could be worse.

It could be better.

In the end, it matters who wakes up in his bed.

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Anoukori Anoukori Oct 23, 2017
Your fanfics are such garbage (I love them so much ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ💖) because they always make me cry (Why u so good at making me cry \(;´□`)/)
GalaxyYouth GalaxyYouth Sep 28, 2016
Nobody can have a normal conversation with me because I always go to weird places in my head...but yeah...I know how ya feel buddy
banagic_wand banagic_wand Oct 05, 2016
I barely say things that are normal and my dad now knows that I'm not innocent
SmolSinomon SmolSinomon Nov 03, 2016
*chases him down the street with a sandal in hand* GET YO FUCKIN ASS BACK HERE BOI
_AHROR_Fiction _AHROR_Fiction Dec 17, 2016
Rereading this. It's so good that I can't not read it a million times.
holy_hentai holy_hentai Sep 04, 2016
Who needs a conversation when you can get straight to business 😏😏😏