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Have We Met Before ? ( Sequel To Daddy's Little Vampire )

Have We Met Before ? ( Sequel To Daddy's Little Vampire )

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Ukiary666 By Ukiary666 Completed

( This Story contains AgePlay ) 

Zack has always been the , what you would call  " Odd " kid at school , he's always felt like there was something missing in his life which left him feeling empty,  but he didn't know what it was exactly . 
Everyday Zack looks at his birthmark which had the shape of a rose , many think its a tattoo but strangely it had always been there since birth . 

Now at the age of Seventeen Zack is about to leave the orphanage he had grew up in since he was a baby and start a life on his own , though one day while walking through the park something caught his attention or should I say " someone " . 
A man , tall and muscular with Dirty blonde hair and tinted yellowish eyes was walking his dog when he walked by Zack and caught his attention . 

Zack didn't know why but for some reason he felt that he knew the man from somewhere .. But where would that be exactly ? And why does the man look at him with such ...shock ? 

Could they have known each other in another life ...?

Made in 2016

animequeen72 animequeen72 Jul 22, 2016
I have to deal with shoulder length hair that is thick and very course so I know the pain of bad hair
SierahHoople SierahHoople May 04, 2016
I'm glad Zack got a second chance at life...I can't believe Harren is still hurting him...and I love how he still talks like that and he's short still :)
MaureenSmart MaureenSmart May 03, 2016
I've been looking forward to this so much! I love Zack and William!!!
The6thWonder The6thWonder Aug 12, 2016
They stole the munster's theme song! For that song! And did they even get permission to? And what about using uma thurman's name? Did they ask her if it was okay? So many things here, it's a good song, but they definitely did not write the interludes in it
princess_cannibals princess_cannibals Jun 13, 2016
I love this already!! Thank you for the sequel!! I love Zack so much!!  I'm so happy he's living again. Lol
nihia1210 nihia1210 Aug 02, 2016
Zack ur back! if u die again author karma and I will be upon u