Oversized Sweaters [complete]

Oversized Sweaters [complete]

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Iris Bell By ringingthebell Completed

I tugged the sleeves of my sweater to cover both of my hands, subconsciously as I walked into my dorm room. 

There was a boy, he looked a little older than me, sitting on the ledge, the same boy I saw earlier, reading his book. One of the windows at the back of the room was opened, letting the air in. 

It must be his girlfriend's room then.

He saw me and walked back up the roof and climbed into the room. He held out his hand, "Hello, I'm Max."

* * * * * 

This story goes over the first year of Logan and Max knowing each other. With some extra stuff at the end.

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General Fiction #88
Teen Fiction #704

Cover done by FutureAuthor98

Copy Right 2014

SCharles38 SCharles38 Oct 25, 2016
Just bc she's in London doesn't mean she has to talk or think or act British
                              She's American
                              Let her be American haha js
annasusanna annasusanna Oct 15, 2016
why would you write "lower case B" instead of an actual lower case b? either way, you actually mean L-shaped since it has the same width both ways
funkyfish21 funkyfish21 Jun 02, 2016
I was like, oh, the main character's a girl. Then oh, its a boy called logan. Then oh, it's a girl called logan. Mind blown.
Hidden-shy_girl Hidden-shy_girl Jul 15, 2016
That's my home state. It gets pretty boring here though... I've always wanted to live in London!
jamjellybean jamjellybean Jul 04, 2016
Singapore has this weird sort of language called singlish I guess it's like 'slang' or smh
-probablytriggered -probablytriggered Sep 18, 2016
All i could think about is Coconut head with ginger hair lmao