Endangered ▹ Steve Rogers [2] {O.H.}

Endangered ▹ Steve Rogers [2] {O.H.}

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She was cursed. He was pronounced dead.

She thought she couldn't move on without Steve.

He thinks that Samantha's dead.

But with if there ways crossed paths again. 

Samantha didn't want to know if Steve was alive because she would see start to see him again. Steve wanted Samantha to be with him. Steve read her file and on the file it said deceased, he didn't know what to believe. Maybe it was just lying and he would find her. 

When the world needs some saving Steve is brought in. He has to face the fact the that Samantha might be dead. He puts aside his feelings, and worked together with S.H.I.E.L.D. and some pretty strange group of superhero's. 

Can Samantha stop the curse before its to late? Will Steve be able to save the world and Samantha? Or will all else fail?

[The Avengers]

Published - May 1, 2016
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Edited - December 28, 2016


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