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Gasoline || D. Salvatore

Gasoline || D. Salvatore

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M. Wick By Rockin_In_Black Updated Jul 01

Arabella Wick is a sarcastic vampire who's mostly kept to herself for decades. She can be impulsive, cruel, and even sadistic. But she can be caring too, if you get on her good side that is.
    So what happens when the one and only Katherine Pierce manages to piss her off? Guess you'll have to read and find out.
    Long story short, Mystic Falls is about to get a new vampire in town.
    Started: May 2016

Cover by @Rockin_In_Black
    . . . . . . . . . .
    Keep in mind that this is a fan fiction and the plot might be different from the show. Although, I take certain scenes and quotes from all seasons of the show to create a story that I think is good. So please, try not to flip out if there are spoilers cause' this is your warning.  (Story's way better than it sounds, I think. I just suck at descriptions.)
   Ara and characters not on the show are my 'property'.
   The rest is owned by the show as you already know.

27.7K = 7/19/2017

bbydaddyxx bbydaddyxx Mar 23
Anybody see the arctic monkeys quote in the pic and Arabella??? No?
Idk why, but I already like Ara, so I kinda wanna beat Stefan and Damon up... IDK why
roytheboi roytheboi Jul 11
Wtf, I literally typed "damn son" and it auto corrected to "Damon soon" that doesn't make any sense
Its nice too see that someone acknowledges that there are vampires with lives that don't revolve around Mystic Falls
Aurelia700 Aurelia700 Jan 17
Ooo bourbon.. looks like you got something in common with a sexy vampire with raven black hair and jawline as sharp as a knife
Oh I thought she was gonna say Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson...