The Fake Nerd [Harry Styles//Marcel] EDITING✔

The Fake Nerd [Harry Styles//Marcel] EDITING✔

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shaina By Lirry_Cake_Mashton Completed

What if Harry Styles appeared at your school but as a nerd?
Eleanor a nerdy girl, that gets bullied almost every day.
Harry the pop star looking for a girlfriend...

Harry wants to find a girl, to be his girlfriend, to fall in love with. But Simon doesn't want him to "expose" himself. He doesn't want him to talk to Eleanor as Harry Styles but yes as Marcel. 

What will happen when Eleanor finds that she was talking to the HARRY STYLES after all?
Will she be mad? Sad? Happy?


Lirry_Cake_Mashton© 2013

starkbitches starkbitches May 09, 2015
I seriously never do my homework... I'm always like "uhm, I'll do it later" but then I forget....
Lirry_Cake_Mashton Lirry_Cake_Mashton Apr 15, 2014
@Curly_freak312 In going to try... I'm really busy. but I'll try to post it soon
youtubergirl17 youtubergirl17 Aug 29, 2013
Cool book and idea x you should check out mine and vote, comment and follow me if ya like it ;)