"Maine." RJ firmly said. "Tigilan mo." Maine froze. She didn't know what she did that made him say that and she knew he wasn't happy about it. She didn't want to make RJ angry. She can't make him angry because she knew that there would be serious consequences.

"Wala naman akong... " She wanted to answer him but she stopped midsentence. She remembered that she can't talk back, not when he gave a command.

"Sumasagot ka pa." He looked at her with an electrifying gaze then gave her a crooked grin. It wasn't just any grin. Maine knew what that grin meant. Her body clenched in anticipation. She was massively turned on by the dominance displayed by her boyfriend. RJ knew what he wanted and Maine was easily unknowingly giving it to him. "I can't wait for tonight."

What if RJ was the dominant and Maine was the submissive? What would happen?
This was my #AMACon Entry last April 23, 2016
My writing prompt was given by @menggayden

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