Bullied ✱d.t

Bullied ✱d.t

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-a :) By -wolfharddolan Completed

Elle Pierdom is new to West Morris High. She thought she would fit in. But clearly she thought wrong. She gets bullied by the people she least expected. The 2 bullies fall in love with her, will she forgive them and date one of them?

| WARNING | if you don't like bullying, self harm, stuff like that, I highly suggest you don't read it!

                       | ♡  COMPLETED : 4/1/17 ♡ |

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rayrayawesome rayrayawesome a day ago
No were probaly asking how are you older than her for 5 days
almanzaariana almanzaariana Dec 23, 2017
you can literally fit 4 or 5 of my room in that room if that make sense
mountaindancer_ mountaindancer_ Sep 10, 2017
If its Madison Beer imma die or throw up. Possibly both. Yep. 🤢😷
mybackfoot mybackfoot Apr 24, 2017
                              PLZ CAME I HAVE IT 
                              *serious ad voice*
                              ONLY IF ITS NOT HUANTED
ellie_dolan552 ellie_dolan552 Jul 10, 2017
The first thing I thought when I seen the colour of the room was 4ou
tweenyears_l23 tweenyears_l23 Jun 08, 2017
Bruh idgaf about the room how the hell are you five days older than her