roadtrip // hayesgrier

roadtrip // hayesgrier

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babygirl. By dreamyhayes Updated Aug 28

"i'm hayes, what's your name babygirl?" 

"cut the f-boy act, that doesn't work on me." 

"but if we're gonna be on this roadtrip together, we need to get along." he smirks, sending me a wink. 

- in which two teenagers, who couldn't be more different, discover what love is whilst on a roadtrip.

Do you want to know something 
                              You are a dick
                              Fuckboi don't matter
Koi_Smith Koi_Smith Aug 11
Hayes I have a gift for you
Hayes omg look
                              If you lame and don't know what it mean 
                              It mean you tried to get this
Madison beer and Maggie lindemann? And don't worry I'm not like most girls who hate on them😂 I leave them to do there thing. I mean they're both gorgeouss and there both amazing singers so yeah..
The first thing I noticed is that's he's drinking boxed water 😂😂