The Afterlife Program [On hold]

The Afterlife Program [On hold]

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LAUREN PALPHREYMAN By LEPalphreyman Updated Dec 12, 2016

Have a happy afterlife!


"You will have some questions - so here are the basics:

Death is an illusion. No-one has died in the past two hundred years. This initially caused several overpopulation issues. To solve these issues three star-ships were created; The Heaven Ship, The Hell Ship and the Purgatory Ship. You will learn more about these ships in the next stage of the program.

The Earth is in peril from an unknown threat. The Death-in-the-stars program was created to calculate the threat, and to save the Earth. It will do this by joining together the brightest minds from the Heaven and Hell Ships.  You have been selected as a potential asset to the program.

You will now be escorted to the Purgatory Ship for Assignation. Have a happy afterlife!"

An annoying tune blared about the room and a scene of moving galaxies and stars was projected onto the white wall behind the hologram. Then it flickered and was gone.

I stared at the doctor in a stunned silence. 



Formerly called Death in the Stars

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YraMalabed YraMalabed Mar 26, 2017
ASDFGH... This seem like a good book.. I'm ready to read overnight 😀
moniker94 moniker94 Apr 14, 2017
I love that the confessions are being recorded for data collection. I kind of sense a dark sense of humor behind this hope it carries on like this. Just my first impressions look forward to reading on.
BlueeDreaamcxx BlueeDreaamcxx Oct 06, 2017
Wait, did she just call her dead sister a bitch? Or did I misunderstand 😂😂
QueenWuz3 QueenWuz3 Nov 23, 2016
Okay first of all it's just our physicla body dying not our soul. Human soul's are made up of energy which human's or religious people try to decipher in depth. Soul's live forever to being a New soul to a very Advanced Soul that seen the world.
Spooder_boi Spooder_boi Jan 21, 2017
I'm scared for when my parents pass away because I'll never see them again. (I'm not religious at all I'm an atheist) But I feel that afterlife does exist and I'll forget about it but its upsetting
ShannonJade3lizabeth ShannonJade3lizabeth Jan 15, 2017
I'd be in a bad mood if I was in a metal casket and not wooden. I wanna be burned baby burned