Preferences (Avengers)

Preferences (Avengers)

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ambu By ambrtj Updated Oct 08, 2016

- English - 

Warning: I've never written preferences before, including:
  -Tony Stark
  -Steve Rogers
  -Thor Odinson
  -Loki Laufeyson
  -Clint Barton
  -Bruce Banner
  -Pietro Maximoff
  -Bucky Barnes

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(Busy with grammar checks)

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Yavanna80 Yavanna80 Jul 28, 2016
A Dinner in a yatch! And forehead kiss! @butterfly123199 look!
negoneThot negoneThot Oct 29, 2016
I am from the country England and can confirm that it is a very good place for a date
The only reason I was able to understand the joke was a meme that I saw yesterday....
Yavanna80 Yavanna80 Jul 28, 2016
Of course it would be in a rooftop...😍
                              OMG Clint this is so romantic!! 😍
                              Him being caring and protective... *swoons*
                              And i slept in his bed and he's so gentleman he slept in the couch!! Marry me now!!! 😍😍😍😍
                              Clint 😏
Hypnoticat Hypnoticat Feb 14
Robert is actually a very tiny man and it's hilarious because he wears platform heels to film Tony Stark
haha. cinnamon roll. that's ironic. this book is full of them