Reverse Love [Dipcest]

Reverse Love [Dipcest]

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Gravity Zero By DipperCipher0 Updated Oct 16

Dipper was sucked into the portal after the Government had left. 

He had gone downstairs to check the portal with Mabel, but the portal was malfunctioning at the time they checked it. Mabel was close to being sucked in, so Dipper took it upon him self to ram Mabel out of the way and gets himself in trouble. Once Dipper had past through the portal automatically shut off.

Where had he gone?

BoyxBoy, don't like? Please leave.

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Just read everything up for Bill Cipher's son, and since you got me into Dipcest, I shall begin my spree of reading your books with this one 😂
Me: you should be running Dipper. Dipper: sorry mom but I had to help them. Rev.Dipper: this sucks. Me: oh shut up and kissed my son dipper's lips idiot. Dipper blushed. Rev.Dipper: hell no.
Theyre so cute >~< Just get married already you two love birds!
Quick question: Do you perhaps know of TheEclipseOfBreak? XD
Radom comment here. I hate it when u wash ur hands and afterwords your hands still taste like soap.
....Just get married now. Already ship it for some reason .-.