The Bad boy and Me

The Bad boy and Me

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Toxxic__ By Toxxic__ Updated Aug 02

Lea Winters : The good girl
~Never Missed school
~Never did drugs or drank 
~Never been late to class
~Never curses
~Never been in a fight 
~Good grades
I guess you can call her the Goody-two-shoes 

But what happens when she mets a guy who is the oppiste of her ?

Victor Ortega : The bad boy 
~Got into a lot of fights
~He drinks and smokes
~Uses girls and throws them away
~Bad reputation
~Always late to school 
~Sometimes ditches school.
~Everybody is scared of him

What will happen when the good girl and bad boy are stuck together? Will Lea see the good in Victor or will she hate him even more ? What will happen ? Read my story to find out (;

My math teacher from this recent year  had the name Mrs. Jackson😂😂
LeLe_Massey LeLe_Massey a day ago
If you was me she would've went home with a cracked skull and a heel stuck up her arse with a note taped to it saying "I found what's been stuck up her arse all these years. It's a cheap ass shoe."
She's like that girl from one tree hill who was like " I'm going to ask u out but u will never see it coming" to mouth😂
Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson
                              Are you nasty? Panic! at the Disco ❤️
LeLe_Massey LeLe_Massey a day ago
OMG. I ace this class. No lie. It's SO easy! All you have to do is EAT.
Ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhh I'm over here pacing back and forth.  Let me tell you,  bitch would of been missing some teeth,  an eyeball,  and I'll make sure I would break everything in her body. Probably do something worse than that.  Ohhhhh she make me wanna.... Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!