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ItaIzuUchiha By ItaIzuUchiha Updated Apr 13

This is the same from the original KBTBB. But there are some new twist and I added some new characters.

Serena Marchesa, The female protagonist of the story.She was adopted by a rich Italian man as an infant. She is raised as a 'princess', with several servants around her at all times, She is trained to be the next successor of the Mafia, they have the highest mafia in the world.They are the ruler of all the  Mafias. She is also cold and tough. She also have a business, Hotel and Casino. The #1 hotel and casino in the whole world. Called the GREEN EMERALD. Despite her upbringing, she longs for a simple life, which her mother disapproves of. 

Serena forced her mother,and her mother had no choice but to agree. But things are different from what she thought of. Her mother makes this a mission. Serena must try the life of nothing. So she was sent to Japan and pretend to be a maid and not allowed to tell her real identity to anyone. Serena changed her name to Liza Akatsumi.. 

Liza work as a housekeeper in Tres Spades hotel/casino, during her shift she have been asked to serve the rich and famous who are attending a party in one part of the hotel. Somehow she, finds a room that houses some expensive items and accidentally breaks a glass Venus statue. Amidst some unfortunate events, she ended up being an auction item! It is against the rules of the black market auctions to auction off unwilling participants, so she end up being bought by five men in order to save her life for $20 million. (I did not change the attitudes and business of the boys), without knowing the boys didn't realize that the girl they bought was actually Serena Marchesa. Later on without knowing they are already in a middle of a love triangle. 

Despite all the happenings will love bloom? Will the Boys be able to melt the cold heart of Serena? Or would it be Serena that will melt the heart of the boys?

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uchihagurlz uchihagurlz May 16, 2016
I have no idea... But I'm happy she is a princess!!!!  No more bully! I want to know what would be the expression of the boys on knowing the truth about her!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
KaguyaTenji KaguyaTenji May 16, 2016
😍😍😍😍😍 Love it..  Finally she can keep up to those those Jeje girls in the real story! Finally she is now a Princess!
uchihagurlz uchihagurlz Apr 23, 2016
I am interested on the story, finally the MC is rich!!! 😍😍😍
aztecdesigns aztecdesigns May 16, 2016
PLEASE LET HER FALL IN LOVE WITH EISUKE !!!!!!!!!!!!. But still love your story.
creepellachan creepellachan Apr 29, 2016
I just read the description and it is so interesting.. Finally the MC is rich!
angelicartizt angelicartizt May 16, 2016
Why did this come out now? But nah! Still amazing!  Please update to the story!!