Spare me, Alpha  ⚜ Teen Wolf + The Vampire Diaries [Under Construction]

Spare me, Alpha ⚜ Teen Wolf + The Vampire Diaries [Under Construction]

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Mels™ By melsthealpha Updated Oct 29, 2015

❝In the end, vampires, werewolves, monsters... we aren't so different after all.❞


In Beacon Hills, the supernatural population is growing, drawing all kinds of monstrous creatures out of the dark. With the alpha pack on a rampage and a dark druid lurking things begin to spiral and the death rate is rocketing.

The teenage wolf pack has enough to worry about when a family of eight stumbles into the werewolf infested town, looking for a quiet place to live. 

Werewolves cause enough trouble add vampires with a bad reputation and it's potential disaster. 
And when love gets involved, blood will rain as sure as it runs through their veins.

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StilesSammy StilesSammy Jun 07, 2017
Am I the only one who wishes the supernatural was real. Like as in real life
vangeaux vangeaux Jul 27, 2016
Yay, I love the vampire diaries! Teen Wolf looks awesome (even thought I still haven't watched the show yet??)
vangeaux vangeaux Jul 27, 2016
Okay so Damon is one step ahead of us, I got you Damon 😎❤️
bluebellamy bluebellamy Jan 18, 2017
i read "however, i do own Teen Wolf" and i was so confused, but then i re read
Sakura-Hana Sakura-Hana Aug 14, 2015
I love the idea, I never seen a TVD and TW fanfic so I think it will be interesting. Oh and good job on the vampire/werewolf pun at the end.
Cocolava Cocolava May 09, 2015
The concept is so head on :) Love the idea. And i am so obsessed with TW and TVD :D