Levi x Reader Lemon

Levi x Reader Lemon

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   I was walking down the HQ's main hall when I heard someone yell, 
   "(F/n)! (F/n)!" Turning around, I see my best friend, Mikasa, running towards me. 
   "Mikasa! What's wrong?" I ask.
   "You need to come to the mess hall!" Mikasa says, panting. 
   "Cadets are being spoken too again." She says, rolling her eyes. 

-Time Skip to the Mess Hall- 

   Mikasa and I sat at our table at the far end of the room. Looking up, I see a handsome, short man with raven black hair cut in the style of an undercut. I can't seem to look away, his looks attract my attention like no one else. 
   "(F/n)!" Mikasa says, waving her hand in my face trying to get my attention. 
   "Oh! Sorry, I zoned out." I apologize. 
   "Someone has a crush on Corporal Levi!" She says. 
   "Shut up! I do not!" I say, defensively. 
   "Just admit it, (f/n), you're in love!" She squeals. 
   "Okay, maybe a little..." I admit.
   "I knew it!" 
   "ATTENTION CADETS!" Corporal Levi yells, getting all of...

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Soo...if I look someone in the eyes i...fall in love right...😂😂😂
Me: *reading, when* 'Your Cadet'
                              Me: *smirking*
                              Pitbull: I KNOW YOU WANT ME, YOU KNOW I WANT YA-
piper7166 piper7166 Sep 16
ok so my mom made lasaniea and my sister katelynn just wached it and we had a timer going for 10 min and my sister stood there like "hey little momma let me wisper in your ear tell you something that u might like to hear"
I feel like a better character to do this would be either Hanji or Sasha instead of Mikasa...
MelaChan337 MelaChan337 Aug 15
What if he was like a teenage girl in love on the inside? Just squealing about how Senpai noticed him 😂
the pic is just //nosebleed// i literally drop on my bed and now my back hurts but look at the pic just deym i //faint//