Cold blooded -septiplier AU-

Cold blooded -septiplier AU-

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Belle Bisognin's academy for supernatural young adults.

The vampires, werewolves and demigods and enchanters all used to get along great- well, that's a lie. They had a mutual agreement to deal with one another.
That was, until Richard fischbach, the son of the leader of the werewolf faction, killed an entire family of upper class vampires. All except one.
He was arrested, and the vampires and werewolves went loggerheads over the grand seat until William kjellberg, a senior demigod, took place. The argument was put to rest after Richard was sentenced to death.

The family name of the vampires was thought to have died out, as after two hundred years not a single McLoughlin showed their face.

Until now.

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proudseptipliertrash proudseptipliertrash May 04, 2017
Swearing: meh, that shouldn't even be a warning anymore
                              Drugs: that's fine
                              Sexy times: I'll skip those parts
                              Copious amounts of teen angst: OH GOD NO THATS TOO FAR MAN
daddycalledme daddycalledme Aug 19, 2017
Read this as "Heathers" and got excited... does this mean I'm not allowed to kill three people and attempt to blow up the school? Damn it...
lulinka203 lulinka203 Jan 04, 2017
Ooh, I have the feeling I found another book that I'll love...
VixenTheFox_21 VixenTheFox_21 Feb 19, 2017
                               YES I'M THE REAL SHADY 
                              ALL YOU OTHER SLIM SHADIES ARE JUST IMA-TATING
                              SO WON'T REAL SLIM SHADY PLEASE STAND UP
                              PLEASE STAND UP
                              PLEASE STAND UP?
TheFandomsTheyKillMe TheFandomsTheyKillMe Dec 18, 2016
I'm back because these stories are boss
                              @andriaunicorn read this and the sequel now I'm begging you they're so good
Potato_Queen_Mia Potato_Queen_Mia Dec 09, 2016
When I read "sexy time" in my head I heard it in Jack voice.