Cold blooded -septiplier AU-

Cold blooded -septiplier AU-

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Belle Bisognin's academy for supernatural young adults.

The vampires, werewolves and demigods and enchanters all used to get along great- well, that's a lie. They had a mutual agreement to deal with one another.
That was, until Richard fischbach, the son of the leader of the werewolf faction, killed an entire family of upper class vampires. All except one.
He was arrested, and the vampires and werewolves went loggerheads over the grand seat until William kjellberg, a senior demigod, took place. The argument was put to rest after Richard was sentenced to death.

The family name of the vampires was thought to have died out, as after two hundred years not a single McLoughlin showed their face.

Until now.

*Laughs at everyone in my family*
                              *is the only own with blonde hair*
                              "Wait am I adopted?"
I'm slim shady, yes I'm the real shady. All you other slim shadys are just imitating.
ooh sounds nice also, im the REAL slim shady obviously...totally not a cat
Who is gonna top and who is gonna bottom in this story if there is butt secks? (Please tell me Mark tops)
Pinkie_plop Pinkie_plop Oct 03
*clutching brown hair while a single tear drips down my face* oh okay I'm fine
Like out of everybody in the class he introduces himself to mark