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Mafia King As My Escort (Complete)

Mafia King As My Escort (Complete)

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Zaa-Ali By ZAaali Completed

Xavier was in USA for a meeting with CIA .They said they will waive all his charges if he lends them his intelligence secret service.He promised to think over it. Though he had no intention to do it. 
  Waive his charges ? Who is he ? A thief ? A pimp ? What if he does not lend them his secret agencies ? What can they do? Shoot him? Kill him? Arrest him ? He chuckled at the thought .He was standing in the balcony of the hotel when he heard a girl talking from other balcony. 
  "hello, Is it male Escort agency?"
  "Yes, I need one"
  "Room 1411 "
  "Hotel Maganta "
  "Thirty minutes?"
  "OK and do they they have sex with the client ? Yes?
 Xavier stared at the girl dumbfounded.She was the most beautiful creature he ever laid his eyes on.Her attire revealed she was probably some ,librarian. 
Why she needs an escort? 
What is wrong with the world?
Where are all the men? 
The girl turned and went in the room. 
 Xavier was standing in the pitch black dark.Good thing, he did not lit any light in his room.Something crossed his mind and he smiled. His smile was like a cat who just got the fish in its paws.
He was on business tour in USA and he NEVER mixed business with pleasure.It was not safe.He could be killed.

But once in a lifetime is allowed to everyone.
 She was twiddling her thumbs in the hotel room ,waiting impatiently for the escort. The agency said its going to take only thirty minutes. Only twenty nine minutes were left.
 Is he going to be hot? 
 how is it going to feel ?
 Its sex right, something whole world is crazy about.
 After five minutes someone knocked.
 Argh it must be the room service.She was so irked.
 She opened the door and almost jumped.
 "The escort service"
She heared a very deep voice 
His eyes were hidden in dark but she could see his strong jawline and his thin lips in stragith line.
  Graphic made by:                   @hindering

sandra4g sandra4g Jan 25
😂😂😂 OMG! I'm one of the kinky ones here 👋 😂😂
you look like your good at writing stories on sex
                              you should write a lemon (how to make babies)
demonspath demonspath Dec 05, 2016
I really hope the sorry is what you describe it because every store I've tried to read from the after dark community as been nothing but long boring sap love still waiting for the mature parts to link in. I have yet to finish one am really hoping this is the one
after all that I'm pretty sure we did
                              >:) get ready for the ultimate whore
you look like your good at writing stories on sex
                              you should write a lemon (how to make babies)
BewitchedEnchantress BewitchedEnchantress Dec 23, 2016
Need more books like this, rather than reading a whole book for one scene that doesn't even take up half the chapter!